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No Wedding Invitation Goes Unframed!!!


Wedding Invitations: What better gift to give a bride and groom than a copy of their invitation. They will treasure it for their lifetime as a memory of their special day. Also, save the date cards, shower and rehearsal dinner invitations can be put into a shadowbox... all memories of their big day.

Newspaper and Magazine: Articles of your friends and family are a way to tell them how proud you are of them as well as giving them a lasting gift.

Trip memories: if you have taken a special trip with friends/relatives, remind them of it on their next birthday with a collage of photos as their memory of your time together.

Ribbons/Awards: Have you any friends who have run a marathon? Frame the ribbon; they usually are quite unique to each race and so colorful. Kids ribbons for achievements at school or on the athletic field.

Sports: Framing Jerseys can be a great way to preserve the memory of a special team your child was on, or a special team they follow. Football, Soccer, biking, baseball jerseys can all be displayed with the team colors and even some photos or other memorabilia to make it individualized.

Hole-In-One: chances are 1 in a million to get a hole-in-one, so if your loved one gets one, FRAME IT!!! We can make a duplication of the hole, tee box etc, and make a special presentation he/she will never forget.

Family Photos: beautifully framed photos of your whole family at an anniversary celebration, wedding or just getting together for a photo shoot. We can make it an outstanding piece to hang over the mantle.


Convex Glass: we carry all sizes of convex glass, including the 6 sided used by the US Armed Services during WWII. If you have an old frame with a convex photo, but the glass is broken, we can replace it. It also is good for flower displays, bridal bouquets, and exhibiting objects such as match collections etc.


Shadowboxes: our specialty... we can put any of your special memories into a creatively designed shadowbox....from M&M's that have "will you marry me" on them, to Pokemon cards for a child's birthday gift.


Puzzles:  what a fun way to decorate a child's room or your family room...have a puzzle marathon, everyone helps put them together and frame them... fun memories. Christmas is a good time to gather the puzzles... doing Christmas puzzles, and then you have instant decorations the next year when you bring them out framed.



Plexiglass: a special way to display items of which you may want to see all sides. The beauty of Plexiglas is it is an uninterrupted view of your treasures. From a full size Kimono to a Texas A&M cadet uniform including boots!! We can do just about anything in Plexiglas.

Needlework... If your grandmother, Aunt or other relative made Lace, did Tatting, Crocheting, Needlepoint or Cross stitch, you have an instant piece for your wall decor. It is so meaningful to have a family heirloom on the wall. If you do needlework, think of doing some for gifts...cross stitch a wedding invitation, a birth announcement, a golden wedding announcement and you have created a unique gift, once framed, will last a lifetime.

Photographs: Let Uncle Charlie and Aunt Maude out of the closet and into a specialty cut matt and frame. Instead of keeping them in an attic, closet or album, bring them to us and let us work our magic on a special design for them exclusively. The gift that brings tears is the one we love to frame. So many wonderful Antique photos go unnoticed because they are put away for safe keeping. If you will take them out, we can make perfect copies, including a digital file, you can share with your family. We will treat the original with all our conservation techniques (Museum quality matting, glass and mounting) and frame them with creatively designed matting to accent the "age" of the photos.

Diplomas: One of the most important events ... GRADUATION! It is a special gift to give the graduate when you can think of nothing but a watch or car!!! Framing the diploma is a longlasting way of showing your pride in one's achievement. You and your graduate have invested many thousands of dollars to earn that degree, frame it to show your pride and accomplishment.


Stained Glass: We have a special, made-from-scratch, oak frame we create for stained glass. It can be hung in a window and lighted so as to show its beauty.


Oversized is No Problem!! We have framed the side of a van and an 8'x4' map of Texas. If you need to fill a wall, just let us know and we can frame anything BIG. We even did a 5'x9' with 120 opening matt.


Canvas Transfer: If you have a favorite print and wish it were an oil, we can transfer it to canvas and it then can be presented as an oil!!


Kids' Artwork: can be given to grandma and grandpa as a special gift.






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Is your TV a big black blob??  You can frame it to match any piece of furniture in your home-